Male to Male Cable Step Down USB 12V to 5V Voltage Converter Power Regulator ? CUC200

Item Description

  • The USB Step Down converter Cable can be used to operate a 5V electrical device via a 12V battery source during power outage emergencies

  • It can also be used to power any 5 Volt device such as a router, small fan, desk lamp, USB power pack, power adapter etc.

  • Input voltage 12 Volt and output current 1 Amp

  • Output voltage DC 5 Volt and input current 2.1 Amp

  • Integrated with overload, over-current, overheat, low voltage protection for high safety and stability

  • Built in Output interface jack: 5.5 x 2.2mm

  • Easy installation process of product with no additional tools

  • Product weight: 22g

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